frugal spring activities for kids

Spring is approaching fast, and I cannot wait! I adore the spring. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the snow melt and the spring flowers arrive. If you’re looking for frugal or free spring activities to do with the littles, here are 8 awesome ideas.

Go on a nature walk

A girl giving a boy a piggy-back ride

Walks in the spring are a lovely activity! You can spot the budding tulips, daffodils and crocus, and listen to all of the emerging sounds of spring. While on your walk you can collect twigs and pretty rocks, or anything else you might want to use for a fun craft (like painting rocks or creating a spring picture frame). Just make sure to leave the flowers where they are so everyone else can enjoy them, too!

Go bird-watching

A robin sitting on a ledge

One of the best frugal spring activities is watching birds.You can’t beat free! Get outside and find as many different kinds as you can. In our area I always know spring is on the way because the robins come back

After bird-watching, come home and make a bird feeder!

Paint terracotta pots

A terracotta pot filled with soil and succulents

You can get terracotta pots at a dollar store for a few bucks. Pick up a few and paint fun spring scenes together. Even better, use them to start a garden!

Start a garden

Hands holding a pile of soil

Spring is a great time to start getting your garden ready. A fun way to include the kids is to get their help picking out seeds, planting seeds, or playing in the soil. If you don’t enjoy gardening, or don’t know how, you can start small. Get a little planter (or use your terracotta pot!) and plant a few flowers.

You can get everything you need from walmart or a dollar store. Make sure you read the seed packets so you plant it at the right time and the right depth in the soil. My favourite flowers to plant are morning glories.

Go on a picnic

A picnic with fresh fruit, salad and bread

Make sure you bring a nice big blanket to sit on! And don’t forget warm clothes in case it’s a little chilly.

Fly a kite

A classic spring activity. Two kites flying in the sky

A classic frugal spring activity! Hit up your local dollar store for cheap kites. Take the kids to the park and enjoy!

Bug Scavenger hunt

A butterfly sitting on a purple flower

Lots of kids love bugs. So Spring is the perfect time to teach them about cool insects. Go to a park or for a walk and get them to try to find as many bugs as the can. You can take pictures of them, or make a list and write down different qualities they have. How many flying bugs did you find? How many creepy-crawlers? The limits are endless. Before you leave home create a fun bug scavenger list, then get hunting!

The best part about scavenger hunts is you can do them for anything. Don’t like bugs? Try one for birds. Or wildflowers. Use your imagination.

Science experiments

Flowers in vases with food colouring

Flower experiments. Here is an amazing science experiment that involves white flowers and food colouring. Basically, you put white flowers and water into separate jars or vases. Then you add food colouring to the water. Part of the fun is having your kids hypothesize what they think will happen to the white flowers. This looks fun for adults and kids!

Fizzing colours. Here’s a great experiment using food colouring, baking soda and vinegar. Have them guess and make predictions about what they think will happen!

I hope you enjoyed these frugal spring activities. If you did, please pin it and save it for later!



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