Ever wondered how you can cut some of your monthly expenses? Tired of all of your money going to bills and utilities each month? Here are 16 awesome tips you can start right now to help you save money on bills.

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Cable & phones

Cut out cable

If you pay for cable, have you considered switching over to a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime instead? Even subscribing to both Netflix and Amazon Prime is cheaper than cable. Plus, with Amazon Prime you get free 2-day shipping on top of a bunch of movies and tv shows to stream (Both 30Rock and Parks and Rec are on Amazon Prime – yeah, you’re welcome).

Now then, cable costs can be outrageous. If you absolutely need to watch your favourite show as it airs, see if you can cut down on certain channels instead. Or, better yet, see if you can stream your fave show online somewhere for free.

Ditch the land line

Do you still have a landline? If yes, think about switching over to just a cellphone. There’s no sense paying for both plans, and chances are, you’re around your cell phone a lot more than your land line.

Bundle! Bundle whatever you can.

If you can’t give up cable, see if a cable provider can bundle it with your internet or phone to try to save you a few bucks. Bundle any and everything you can to keep costs down.

Change your cell phone plan.

If you haven’t looked at your cell phone plan in a while, it might be time! I recently changed my plan and I got all the things my previous plan offered, but for $10 dollars cheaper per month. That’s right. I didn’t even switch companies. I checked out my phone company online, saw the cheaper plan, and made the switch. Easy-peasy.

Gas & electricity

Lower the Thermostat

One great way to save some serious cash is by lowering the your  thermostat. Try lowering your thermostat by half a degree and see how you feel. Chances are, you won’t even notice. Or, if you’re like me, go as low as you can.

Remember, you can always put on extra sweaters, grab a few blankets, or have a hot cup of tea.

Another great tip: lower your thermostat even more when you’re sleeping. I set a schedule for our thermostat to lower 2 degrees at bedtime and to go back to the regular temperature when we wake up. I don’t even have to think about it!

Make sure your appliances are full

Before running the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher, make sure it’s a full load. Don’t waste energy on half-loads!

Wash in cold water

Change your washing machine to wash in cold water. I’ve been doing this for years and I never notice a difference! The clothes come out just as clean as ever.

Look at dishwasher settings

By allowing your dishes to air dry and shutting off the dry function, you can save a few bucks. Or, check to see if your dishwasher has an eco-friendly option.Unplug easy-to-reach electronics

Phantom energy use is real and is a real pain! Imagine your electronics using power and costing you monet and you aren’t even touching them. As if electricity isn’t expensive enough!

If there are certain electronics that don’t need to be plugged in all the time, unplug them. Or buy a power bar that you can switch off when you go to sleep. This is a really great idea for your television area, where there are usually multiple electronics plugged in 24/7.

Electronic free nights

Start a tradition with your family that includes an electronic free night. Play games, do a puzzle together, or sit and ask each other funny hypothetical questions. I love sitting around with my partner asking hypothetical questions about bizarre situations.

Here are the links to a few sites with interesting questions:

Popular hypotheticals

Fun Questions

And here are some of my favourite board games to play! I’ve been crazy about Yahtzee since I was a kid. My grandma and I would play it all the time so it brings back a lot of good feelings for me.

Cranium is another great game, especially if you’ve got a big family or you’ve got a group of friends over. My family likes to split into teams. We even include The Littles since they have fun guessing or acting (with some adult help!).

Cover old windows

Old windows can let out a ton of heat in the winter. If you have old windows make sure you put plastic over them to keep the heat in.

Close the curtains

Even if you have new windows, closing the curtains can help keep the heat in during the winter.

Energy efficient light bulbs

Try switching to energy efficient light bulbs. They might cost more money upfront, but they save you in the long-run. If you can’t afford to switch all of them right away (which is completely understandable!) try replacing only the lights you use most often (kitchen, bathroom, living room, whatever you want).

Use appliances during off-peak times

In some cities you’re charged extra for using appliances, electricity, etc. During peak hours. If your utilities fall into different price ranges due to peak and off-peak times, make sure you try to do everything during off-peak times. It might mean doing the laundry or dishes a little later than you would like, but over a year it can really add up!

Skip the bath, take a shower

Honestly, this is the most difficult one for me. I love baths. They’re so relaxing and warm and awesome. But, if you’re trying to save money, quick showers are the better option.

Air dry clothes

If it’s nice outside and you have a clothes line, do what your great-grandma used to do and hang your clothing and towels.

bundle up to save money on bills

There are lots of little things that you can do that add up over the year. You don’t have to do everything on this list. Hell, you don’t have to do any of them! But, if you’re looking to save money on your bills and utilities, you can always start small and work your way towards big changes.

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